What is the Mesh?

The Mesh is a private business community that includes product collaboration areas as well as secured account-specific collaboration areas.
Pega employees use the Mesh to communicate and work in a social community environment. We invite our customers and partners to join
specific areas of the Mesh and participate in the community.

Who can join the Mesh?

Access to the Mesh requires an existing relationship with Pega; as either a customer on active support and maintenance or a partner with a
current agreement. For customers, the Mesh provides collaboration on Industry Frameworks, Decisioning, and Chordiant Foundation Server.
Private collaboration areas can also be arranged with an account team. Partners can access the same areas as customers and also collaborate
with each other and the Pega Alliances team in partner-specific areas.

How do I get an account?

Your corporate email address is required to create a Pega Mesh account. Customer and partner companies must have already joined the
Mesh community in order for their employees to self-register for an account. Please contact your Pega account representative or mesh.help@pega.com
if your company has not yet joined the Mesh and you would like to obtain an account and collaborate with us online.